Baby and Toddler School

For little ones from 0 to 36 months

Babies Class

for 0-8 months

You’ll learn a variety of ways to play with your newest little bundle of joy. Non-mobile babies are exposed to sensory play, songs, and the beginnings of social play. Meet like-minded parents while our expert teachers lead you through nurturing exercises and activities that stimulate your baby’s brain development. The first stepping stone to sparking a love of learning!

Play & Learn

for 6-36 months

We’ll explore new physical challenges every week through teacher-led activities, with a focus on different ways to use each piece of our equipment. Crawl through tunnels, explore different textures, slide down slides ( or climb up slides!), toddle over bridges, or take a ride in a swing!! We’ll also practice social skills and memory building through sing-alongs and group play.


for 20-28 months

A unique class comprising of gentle separation from parents, thus helping older toddlers develop independence & self-confidence. Engage in themed playscapes that are sure to boost socialization between little ones! Through this class, children are familiarised with concepts of routine & structure that will aid them in future endeavors!


for 6-36 months

Experience music from all around the world-- music from both past and present, near and far! From The Beatles to Bach! In Baby & Toddler Music, children will delight in the sound of instruments, and ‘singing’ through musical baby talk. They'll enjoy being sung to, experiencing new sounds and the anticipation of surprise!


for 10-36 months

All children benefit from a space to be creative. Children are eager to explore different mediums, textures, and ways to express themselves. Sculpt with playdough, create a collage, or experiment with different mediums. Build a giant tower with your classmates, and read stories based on our weekly theme!

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